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About US

Elevating the craft of tattoo work

At the FAT FOX Tattoo Studio our artists strive for perfection. Accompanying our costumers every step of the way, from idea inception to skinned masterpiece, ensuring that you’ll cherish the memory and experience that is getting your tattoo. 

Tattooing isn’t just something you get for the sake of it. It’s an artistic expression for some, a lifestyle for others! Whatever the case may be for you, you can be sure to find the right style and artist with us. This is what we do, what we work for and we are not satisfied until you are!

For our costumers, the right type of artist and the right type of style is just as important to them as the tattoo itself! That is why we want to make sure that you are 100% comfortable with getting something permanent on your skin.

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Frequently Asked Questions

You ask it - we answer
  • How old do I have to be to get a tattoo?
  • Do tattoos hurt?
  • How do I make an appointment with an artist?
  • How does the pricing work? 
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Highly Qualified and extremely Creative Artists

Each and every one of our resident or visiting tattoo artists is extremely passioned about their work and craft. With hundreds of hours of experience between the team you can be sure you will find the best for the job.


Dora is the founder and owner of the FAT FOX Tattoo studio. Dedicated and talented, her work is prized by those she has worked on.


Rodrigo specializes in graphic dotwork designs with a touch of realism. He will make sure that your tattoo stands out from the crowd.



Litschi is our all-round talent. She tattoos in many different styles, from realism to abstract designs and even some watercolor. Whatever you need she provides.


Black Minimal Tattoo - Doresz

Doresz's artwork are always uniquely designed without exception. Perfection is her goal, to create something new and special every time.