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At our studio we take every project with professionalism and passion, the trademark of our business and life. Here is a short presentation of the team you can meet and their experience and characteristic style.

Resident Artists :


Hello! I’m Dora Bansagi, the owner and founder of the FAT FOX Tattoo Studio. Born and raised in Salzburg I moved to Vienna in 2012 to start my Art and Spanish Master's Degree. I concluded both with excellence in 2018. Since childhood my dream was to become a tattoo artist. That motivated me to draw and my interest in art grew. So during my time at university I also started an apprenticeship at a tattoo studio, where I was very lucky to have great teachers. Tattooing is not only my work, it’s also my passion. Every tattoo tells an individual story, that is why you always get a unique artwork at our studio. During my career I have had the honor to tattoo some famous names, like Ivan Moody from Five Finger Death Punch or Jared MacEachern from Machine Head. I'm so glad to work with such an awesome team and great clients!


Hey everyone, I’m Rodrigo and I was born in Guadalajara, México. Ever since I can remember I always was fascinated by drawing and creating designs. It eventually led me to start studying graphic design. During a studying break I went to live in Canada, where I had my first encounter with the tattoo industry. Later I spent 4 years in London where I met my wife, who happens to be Austrian. When we decided to move to Austria, I finally joined the tattoo industry for good. I started in Upper Austria but that part of the city was too small for me. After moving to ViennaI worked at many studios, met amazing artists along the way, and had a guest spot in Germany where I discovered & developed my unique style of tattooing. Now I’m looking forward to tattoo interesting people, here at the FAT FOX Tattoo Studio.



Hey, I’m Litschi. As an artist's daughter I was sure I never wanted to have anything to do with or- related to art. I always saw myself traveling the world working related to tourism. The tourism plan failed when I started school, because for me it was never an option to prepare meat. Instead I started studying at the Graphische in Vienna. During that year my dream of becoming a tattoo artist started to grow. Even after traveling the world and a couple of universities I couldn’t think about anything else than becoming an artist. I started an apprenticeship at a studio in 2011. After many years and detours my dream finally became true. I can’t really define my own style: ornaments, abstraction, chaos and sketches... but fauna and flora in every form are still my favorite designs choice. I look forward to working with you.


Hey! My name is Cris! I'm the newest tattoo apprentice at the FAT FOX Tattoo Studio. I grew up in Baden near Vienna and was interested in all kind of arts since an early age. At first I was mostly into music, then I started exploring photography, film and all kinds of graphic arts. I graduated at the University of Fine Arts of Vienna in 2004 in post-conceptual art practices. I was always interested in tattoos and I started out first tattooing myself, then others in early 2018. My style is still in development but I like the abstract style with patterns and strokes. I also enjoy geometric, linework and dots. I can't stress how thankful I am for having the chance to learn at the FAT FOX Studio with Dora and the others and I'm really looking forward to what comes from this experience. Come hang out and find out by yourself! Peace!

Misa - Miluj.ink

Hey everybody! I'm Miša and I gained my experience as a tattoo artist while traveling all around Europe. My style is expressive and dynamic and I've found my passion in straight, clean lines, wiped dotshade and a great attention to details.

Miluj ... in my native tongue means “to do love’’, like to really do it , to mean it and feel it. I personally had a long journey of finding what love is about, especially how to do love myself. It makes me happy to see people leaving after I've marked their skin with a big smile on their faces and showing confidence. I am not doing this to get rich and famous, this world too often forgets and misses something: so do love.

Doro - Awedorno.tt

Hallo! Tattooing is probably the one thing that makes me the happiest. Nowhere else can I get lost in space and time as much as when I have a tattoo machine in my hand. It has become something of a meditation. I love spending time with people, working out unique concepts and adapting them to their body. It is a real honor for me to tattoo you! Leaving my mark on a body makes every work I do very personal. I put in a lot of time and love. Geometry combined with organic or abstract structures, that's my thing. I am very grateful to be able to implement this here at the FAT FOX Studio. The team is always so positive and motivating, I can only look forward to the future and try to learn as much as I can.

Guest Artists :


Black minimal tattoo - Doresz

Hey I'm Doresz! I'm from Budapest, Hungary. Drawing and creating has been an integral part of my everyday life ever since I was a child. I started a career in tattooing two years ago - after 16 years of being a professional handball player - which quickly became my passion. My initial style included mostly dotwork and minimalism, but over the past year I have expanded it and I now enjoy mixing my style with micro realistic and abstract elements, while also perfecting portraits. My artworks are uniquely designed almost without exception and thanks to my costumers I have plenty of opportunities to express myself. I strive to create something special, new and unique every time. That is my goal, and I wouldn't have it any other way!

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