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Who Are We

What drives us

A deep passion for the craft and the pursuit of excellence are the core values here at the FAT FOX Tattoo Studio. From our resident artists to visiting star guests we want to make sure that tattooing is a memorable experience.

Tattooing has long been a way of celebrating culture, whether it be through ceremonial rites and passages throughout the world. From Africa’s scarification process to the Celt’s inking griffins and monsters that were later found on their corpses, tattoos are worn to mark special events, to pay honor or respect, and even to unite body to body with ash remains that were later inked under the skin.

Tattoos tell a story and can be written in any language. From symbols depicting cultural images to words and hidden meanings, known only to the bearer. If you dare to dream it, our artists  can likely create it and tell your tale on a living canvas.

It is to this commitment that we are dedicated to. To bring to life your imagination and to allow you to tell your story to the world.

To celebrate life, choices, and to pay tribute and memorial to life’s purpose and companions, tattoos have the artful ability to speak volumes. Many people choose to remember those they love and honor traditions and life events with a tattoo. As the saying goes, a picture speaks a thousand words.

Whatever the case may be for you, whatever story you are trying to tell our commitment to our costumers is always to have their request fully satisfied. Our artists will accompany you throughout every step of the process, getting the idea out of your head and into a piece of living art. They offer insight and experience and are willing to work with you for the perfect design!

Knowing that our costumers are proud enough of their tattoos to display them for everyone to see is the highest achievement and honor we as artists ask for. It celebrates our professionalism and hard-work, and there is no better feeling in the world!




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Expanded F.A.Q.

Everything you need to know about before and after tattooing

How can I schedule an appointment?

All of our booking is done beforehand. You can write us an e-mail with what you are looking to get done to or call us directly at – 00436763291699.


Unfortunately, there is no general answer to this question. The price of a tattoo depends on multiple factors such as the size of the tattoo, level of detail and technical / artistic effort to name a few.

A final price can only be determined after an individual conversation between the tattoo artist of your choice and yourself.


The minimum age to get a tattoo done in our studio is 18.


Pain is relative. Everybody has a different threshold for pain. It’s not a secret that it is painful, but generally bearable. Most people would not get multiple tattoos if it had been the most painful experience of their lives. It is a small and temporary price to pay for the beauty of a tattoo. In our professional opinion, it far outweighs a little pinch here and there.


We do indeed! If you are interested in getting a tattoo voucher, please write us an e-mail to


It is possible in many cases to tattoo over scars to cover them up. However a few factors must be taken into account before such work can be done, such as the part of the body where the scar is located, how far along is the healing of said scar and the structure of it. It is best if in an individual conversation between the artist of your choice and yourself you both reach an agreement of if, how and whether the scarred area can be tattooed.

Still have questions?

Send us an email with everything you want to know to